Episode OneHundredTwentySeven

4 Keys to Attracting Gender Diverse SDRs

Guest: Gabrielle Crofts, Sales Director at Pareto Law

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About This Episode

When it comes to our SDR teams, we all struggle with gender diversity.

Obviously, there are a lot of organizations trying to combat that, but today, most sales teams are still predominantly male. 

That’s not the case for Pareto Law. Globally, their sales team is 61% female.

So, I wanted to invite Gabrielle Crofts, Sales Director at Pareto, onto the Sales Engagement podcast to talk about how her company is leading the way when it comes to diversity.

Did you know…

Forbes recently released an article highlighting a pretty powerful statistic:

On average, diverse teams, generate 19% more revenue. 

That totally makes sense.

How can that be effective?

If you have a cookie-cutter team that fits one model, you’re doing a massive disservice to your potential clients. 

So, pursuing diversity — aside from being the right thing to do — not only positively affects your team members, it also benefits your clients. 

Because diversity allows you to see things from a new perspective.

To better put yourself in your client’s shoes.

Which means you can better help them solve their problems.

And isn’t that why we’re all in sales anyway?

So, what are the best ways to attract diverse talent?

Gabrielle shared four keys to attracting diverse applicants.

Key #1: Review your application process.

Ensure you have a strategy for diversity at each stage of the application process.

For example, take a look at the language you’re using in your job descriptions.

There’s lots of great content out there on this right now. You’ve probably read this article from Harvard Business Review. It says that, while men will apply for a job if they match 60% of the requirements, women won’t apply unless they match 100%.

So, look at your wording. Your must-haves. Your list of requirements.

Too many of these and female applicants will self-select out.

Not because they aren’t qualified, but because they feel they aren’t. 

Key #2: Cast a wide net. 

Great SDRs are individuals with the best sales competencies.

Get your application in front of as many great people as you can.

And if you’re taking referrals, make sure those making them represent diversity.

Key #3: Take a look at your interview panel.

If you have 8 men assessing job candidates, you’re probably not going to end up with the most diverse sales team.

Key #4: Be intentional about how you project your company within your industry.

What events are you sponsoring? 

What awards are you putting your team forward for?

When a candidate looks at your social content, what are they seeing? 

Are you a company diverse candidates can see themselves wanting to work for?

What about retaining diverse talent?

So, you’ve managed to put together a diverse sales team.

How do you retain this talent?

Gabrielle has 5 helpful tips.

Tip #1: Make sure you offer really clear development plans based on skill and KPIs.

Not having a clear path for growth is the #1 reason why millennials might leave a role.

Tip #2: Offer mentor programs. 

Match your team members with someone they look up to, or someone they see themselves as in 5 to 10 years.

It’s so important.

Tip #3: Use some sort of engagement survey or feedback loop.

This helps to ensure that everyone has a voice.

And that issues are resolved.

Tip #4: Allow for flexibility. 

If you’re truly focused on creating a diverse workforce, chances are you’re hiring people who need flexibility to attend their kid’s soccer games or work remotely while they’re volunteering abroad.

And it’s better to keep a person and bend a little bit than totally lose exceptional talent.

Tip #5: Train your managers to set KPIs, to give feedback, and to be great coaches.

Instead, you want them to have the toolkit they need to develop a diverse team.

One more thing…

It’s not just about gender diversity. 

It’s about all sorts of diversity.

Diversity in race, thought, background, etc.

Again, creating a diverse workforce makes it easier to solve your client’s problems…and makes for a better work environment. 

It’s a positive all around.

This is an interview with Gabrielle Crofts from Pareto Law.

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