The Guide to A/B Testing

Uncover what works and what doesn’t—the right way

Get real visibility into your funnel

Few outbound SDR leaders can provide accurate funnel metrics. This isn’t necessarily their fault—most operations programs simply haven’t tackled the problem before.

This guide aims to fix that problem.

The sales development function is maturing at a fast pace,
but outbound leaders will only earn a seat at the table if they
can make data-driven decisions based on trustworthy funnel
metrics. Following the instructions in this ebook is the first
step toward earning a seat at the table alongside the VP of

You’ll learn:

  • How to truly define what ‘top of funnel’ means

  • To standardize what ‘prospecting’ is for your team and when opportunities are created

  • How to create uniform outbound prospecting stages for accurate tracking and attribution

  • The fields and processes you need to get full visibility into your funnel

"Sales engagement applications are a critical part of the Account-Based stack. One of the most critical touches in orchestration is the SDR and Sales outreach. This is executed at scale via sales engagement applications, making them a critical element of the Account-Based stack."

TOPO | High-Growth Sales and Marketing Analysts

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