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We’re digging into the myth that AEs (or other revenue roles) don’t need automation.

Spoiler alert: They really do.

Justin Michael, Co-Founder at HYPCCCYCL, shares insight into his automation tools lightbulb moment and how he sparks that recognition in others.

What we discuss:

  • How the scalability of automation validates your process
  • Why automation gives you the gift of time
  • What to do to stay organized on the automated touches

The mindset of, “that’s just how we’ve always done it,” plagues many industries including sales. Despite advances to help streamline manual processes, a lot of account executives reject the idea that there’s any room for improvement. 

Get ready to learn how automation is changing the sales game and understanding why it’s in an AE’s best interest to keep an open mind. 


How the scalability of automation validates your process

Imagine you’re about to deliver a prototype to investors but you haven’t tested the product. When it comes time to show the product, it malfunctions and causes the investors to reject your offer. 

What if your product went into production and then malfunctioned to millions of customers? Preparation is a key component to a product launch — the same should be applied to sales automation.

Before integrating new tools into a sales process, you have to make sure the manual process is ready to be brought to scale. If a phone script is only keeping 50% of people on the phone, the script shouldn’t be used. 

You have to learn how to walk before you can run.


Why automation gives you the gift of time

It’s normal for people to feel threatened by change. But oftentimes, change can lead to efficiencies and a better way of life. When the automobile was first introduced, many thought it would never take the place of bicycles. As time went on, however, people began to understand the benefit of the automobile. 

In the same way, account executives tend to think their process is good enough — that utilizing tools isn’t necessary. However, what they’re leaving on the table is time. Something as simple as automating any percentage of emails removes the personal time needed to respond. 

While new technology can be met with resistance, it’s crucial to keep as open of a mind as possible to what the new technology can do to increase revenue. 


What to do to stay organized on the automated touches

We all get busy and forget plans from time to time. But when your job necessitates consistent, quality communication, relying on your memory isn’t sufficient. 

Trying to keep consistent communication with hundreds of clients is near impossible and can result in missed opportunities. Using automating tools to remind yourself of who to follow up with, you can make sure no opportunity slips through the cracks. 

Beyond the reminders, tools can help predict the best times to connect with clients and provide the best chances for the AE. 

For those looking to continually increase their sales, provide a better customer experience, and be a lifetime learner, embracing automation tools is the way to do it. 


Justin’s Key Takeaways

  1. If you’re an AE, you need automation: it works directly to your advantage. 
  2. If you cannot receive funding for automation: use a trial to show its potential. 
  3. Think about your IQ,your EQ, and your TQ: challenge yourself to learn new technologies that will save you time. 

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