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Whether by fear of change or ignorance of opportunity, automation isn’t always top of mind for many organizations. But, when speed is the name of the game, you can’t afford to not have an eye out at all times for ways to automate your business.

Still not convinced? We speak with an expert of automation, David Gauld, Sales Operations Lead at CTS. He walks us through his strategies and why fixing time sinks may be the single most important thing you can do to enable your teams. 

We talk all about: 

  • Tips for companies moving into the glow-up stage
  • How to have data-driven conversations within your organization
  • Creating more productivity through the work week with mindset shift
  • Understanding why to prioritize automation

Tips for the Glow-Up Stage

As a company moves into the glow-up stage, there are ample opportunities to succeed. There are also ample opportunities to fail. So how can you ensure that yours is a story of success? David had a couple of tips for our listeners. 

The first is to understand that data has ultimate authority. 

You have to get comfortable with challenging your own opinions and assumptions, because data doesn’t care how you feel. You can be as emotional and fuzzy as you want about things, but at the end of the day, the data doesn’t lie. 

The second piece is that MVP is always good enough. 

So many companies let perfect be the enemy of good. They want to wait until a product reaches absolute perfection before they release it. But if you build something and it’s viable, put it out. Get it into people’s hands. 


Why Embrace Automation

While it may seem like we’ve come a long way, people are still hesitant about automation. Hollywood has convinced us that we’re headed towards an autonomous society where humans are out of work and everything is done by machines. 

And while we certainly do appreciate the automation of a lot of things, there’s no reason to think that the world is in the hands of the machines. 

For David, it’s all about giving people back their time. After all, time is the most valuable commodity on earth. We can’t earn more of it, we can’t make more of it. We have what we have, and that’s it. So any creation that can give people back time is worth exploring. 

Particularly when you can free your customers up so that they can focus on THEIR customers. If you can save hundreds of hours of manual process work by automation, it’s not only going to free people up to focus on the customer, which in turn will drive more revenue, but people are going to be happier, more engaged, and more productive. 


Making Life Better

While it may seem cliche, David really does view his role as one where he can make people’s lives better. 

The most dangerous thing in the world is “this is how we’ve always done it,” because it causes laziness. It allows people to be complacent and docile while shying away from transformational change. And yes, change can be uncomfortable, but it can take you places you never dreamed. 

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