The Ultimate Sales Engagement Guide

How Modern Buyers like to Buy, as Told by Modern Buyers

Engage your buyers the right, in the right place, at the right time

Cold calling. Social selling. Generation gaps. There are more communication factors than ever in the modern buyer’s journey, so how does a salesperson create a winning communication? The answer: sell to buyers the way they like to be sold to. It sounds so simple, but how does today’s buyer really like to be sold to? Find out in this new eBook, “The Ultimate Sales Engagement Guide: How Modern Buyers Like to Buy, as Told by Modern Buyers”, based on real data from nearly 800 survey respondents.

Brought to you by The Bridge Group, Modern Sales Pros, and Sales Hacker, this eBook provides real insights from buyers on what makes them stop, listen and ultimately, engage. Download your complimentary eBook now. Oh, and check your assumptions at the door–there’s definitely a few shockers!

You’ll learn:

  • How do I actually reach the C-suite? Executives are the last living souls using office phones, right? (Not so fast…)

  • Voicemail is dead, correct? (Is it, though?)

  • A buyer in their 40’s is much more likely to want to be contacted via mobile than someone in their 50’s, right? (Only one way to find out…)

  • If a buyer gave me their cell phone number, it’s totally kosher to send them a text, right? (You know where this is headed…)

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"Sales engagement applications are a critical part of the Account-Based stack. One of the most critical touches in orchestration is the SDR and Sales outreach. This is executed at scale via sales engagement applications, making them a critical element of the Account-Based stack."

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