Episode OneHundredFiftySeven

Just Be Yourself: Personalization Is Key

Guest: Mataya Frizell, Inside Sales Manager at World Manager

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About This Episode

So many of us in sales have said these words: “Anything but sales.”

What is it that draws us in?

We love a challenge.

That’s what I had the chance to talk about with Mataya Frizell, Inside Sales Manager at World Manager. Once she set her mind to conquer sales, she didn’t just win, she crushed it.

“What finally got me to say yes to sales was I recognized this fear of the unknown,” Mataya said. “I had such a good time trying new things at school that I was like, Okay, let’s just see how it goes.”

From sales to sales manager in 10 months

Mataya’s sales journey isn’t typical, to say the least. She shared with me some of the things she did in her first year to earn recognition and her promotion.


During her interviews, she was transparent about not knowing whether sales was for her. She explained her hunger to compete and all of her reservations — to help set expectations.

“It wasn’t really about competing with anyone else. It was just something that I really wanted for myself,” she said.

On interview day, come prepared with good questions and lead with authenticity.


In her first 30 days, Mataya reworked every template she was given to be shorter and to sound like herself. “I am constantly reading up on stuff on LinkedIn, so anything I see, I’m still applying to my templates today. It helps me keep the job refreshed,” she explained.

She paid close attention to what was and wasn’t working for her, which helped her hit commission on her first month on the job. After that, she could set bigger goals and start to share her templates and processes (which led to her being offered a sales manager role).

In your first month, front load your learning and be willing to experiment with the script.

Tactical tips for the first year

I asked Mataya what advice she’d give herself a year ago.

  • Goal setting. 

When you’re trying to hit for commission, break down the activities you have to do each week and categorize those.

Mataya sets her goals weekly, and makes each week incrementally higher than the last. “I start out every Monday with a fresh set of goals to complete Friday,” she said.

  • Personalize. 

“My activities are lower than most people in my company, but my conversion rate is higher. I try to personalize every single stage of my sales process,” she said.

So, 30 minutes is too long to personalize an email, but 5 to 10 isn’t. In the beginning, she spent a lot more time on this than now, when she’s established her process and style.

  • Persistence.

Granted, there’s a balance between being respectful and just harassing someone, but if you do it right, you’ll get a response on the 6th email, starting with an apology for not getting back to you sooner.

Mataya said it’s okay to give yourself a day off of calling to work on organizational stuff or emails… as long as you follow it up with a day focused on calls.

  • Intuition.

Start developing this by matching or mirroring someone’s tonality on the phone in order to learn when to push.

“Just because someone is kind of short, it doesn’t mean they’re not interested,” she said. “Don’t waste their time, and very quickly try to paint a real world situation that might resonate with them.”

Once you win over the personality type A’s, they’re often your best champions.

Mataya’s 3 takeaways

  1. Personalization is key.
  2. Run towards your fear.
  3. Be willing to change the process.

Bonus: Offer to help others around you. It can be fun to foster healthy competition.

Connect with Mataya on LinkedIn.

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