Episode TwoHundredEightyTwo

Where to Find Fulfillment in Your Professional & Personal Life

Guest: Ian Koniak, Strategic Account Director at Salesforce

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About This Episode

You just raked in $1M for the second year in a row, but…you’re deeply unfulfilled and your personal life is in tatters.

You need to admit that you need help.

I had a motivating and inspiring conversation with my friend Ian Koniak, Strategic Account Director at Salesforce, about how he actually faced his unhappiness and started to create a fulfilling life for himself.

He coaches people in two areas:

  1. Finding joy and fulfillment in sales and in life 
  2. Selling more and better by untapping the potential that people know they’re capable of

Let’s dive right into Ian’s amazing story!

Self-worth & performance

Ian admitted that his view of his self-worth was tied up in his work performance. When he was top rep, he felt on top of the world. When he missed his numbers for the third year in a row, he was at rock bottom.

“I was fed up, I was frustrated with myself. At that point, I was like, ‘You know what, I need some help,’” he said.

Acknowledge that you need help.

That was the action that started Ian’s transformation. He joined a Mastermind program that started his reflection, and from there he built a long-term personal plan — a life plan.

He faced the truth that money wasn’t making him happy and he realigned his goals to a greater purpose — becoming his best self so that he could use his gifts to help others.

When he made the transition from strict transactional to more strategic selling by focusing on others, he started crushing his numbers again. But that still wasn’t enough.

That’s when he started his coaching business. But that wasn’t the root of finding fulfillment, either.

Prioritizing family & health

Ian was very blunt in our conversation. He was neglecting his family. He was struggling to control his emotions with addictions. 

“Basically, for lack of a better word, I got my shit together,” he said. “I did some soul searching, I decided to get sober from six vices that, frankly, were not serving me. I got my family back,” he said.

Here’s the true pivot point: “Now I realize what is most important, and that’s your quality connection with those you love,” Ian said.

Discover what is really of value.

Ian nearly lost everything — his family, his work, himself. Now he feels he can truly serve people because he’s gone through that hardship and made it through the other side by prioritizing his family and his health.

When he talked about addiction he pointed out that it’s anything that we go to as a crutch when we are not feeling right. For him, it took therapy groups and hard work to learn how to get stress relief in a healthy way.

The transformative power of a healthy routine

  1. Family time. Ian quits working every day at 6:00 PM and is present with his family until 9:00 PM. After the kids’ bedtime, he spends quality time with his wife — it could be as simple as watching a show or talking together — until about 11:00 PM.
  2. Morning routine. After getting about seven hours of sleep, Ian does these four things every morning: Drink a nutritional shake, exercise, take a cold shower, and pray. This sets him up in an optimal physical, mental, and emotional state to respond to the day’s obstacles or challenges.

“This journey has really been evolving into the things that made me feel good in the very short term to really evolving to what gives me long term joy and fulfillment. And in doing so I can be very present because I’m committed to whatever I’m doing in those moments,” Ian said.

Authenticity & coaching

The secret to a fulfilling, happy life? 

Be the same person at work that you are outside of work.

According to Ian, the secret of selling is to be consistent with how you show up. He used to be all in at work and absent at home. Now he’s all in everywhere he is.

“The truth is you can’t be two people, man, that’s a conflict. That’s really exhausting,” he said. “Frankly, I lived a double life in terms of my sales life versus my personal life, and now I don’t.”

He learned not to rely on controlling feelings with addictions but rather with habits and discipline. 

In coaching, he teaches others to find this same fulfillment in life and work by taking control of their goals. He also teaches about the sales techniques that focus on others rather than the self.

On a personal note, this blog barely shows Ian’s passion — his downright radiance — for giving back. You really need to give this one a listen.

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