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Hire the Experts and Get Out of Their Way

Guest: Justin Welsh, Senior Vice President of Sales at PatientPop

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About This Episode

We’ve all been there.

Every one of us has worked for one of those bosses. The one that hovers over your shoulder making sure that you do things right. Or the one that seems to burn all their employees out in record time.

Recently on the Sales Engagement Podcast, we sat down with Justin Welsh, Senior Vice President of Sales at PatientPop, to talk about letting go of control, finding the best talent, and so much more.

Be a Recruiter

As you think about attracting the kind of talent that will stick around for the long haul, it helps to think of yourself not as a manager, not as a boss, not as an executive, but as a recruiter.

For Justin, his role transitioned from simply understanding the funnel, to just looking for the most talented folks.

Hire great people, then get out of their way.

Let Go

When you’re in an executive level position, it can really difficult to learn to let go of control. You’re so used to wearing all of the hats and doing all of the things, that it can be hard to get out of the way and let others do what you hired them to do.

You put the right people in place, and put the right communications channels in place, and your team will know exactly what you expect and what is expected of them.

Once you get out of the way, your time is best spent picking one core metric every quarter to focus on, and drive that forward. Whether it’s average contract value, moving up-market, establishing product presence, or decreasing cost, each quarter you look across the business and find that one big metric to push forward.

In the end, communication is more important than your processes.

You hired your people to be experts, not teach them process. You hired them to say, “my expectation is that you’re better than I am and here’s how we’ve done things in the past. If you see tweaking needed, you figure out the adjustments and come back and show me.

Get Personal

So how do you hire the best?

By focusing on your personal network.

When you let your team know that they’ll get support, autonomy, and genuine respect from you, you end up setting the stage for long term commitment. You put your stake in the ground and say, “We are doing business together, and hopefully we’re establishing a future together.”

Hiring people for a culture of commitment and trust is one of the most important things that you can do for your company.

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