Episode Twenty-five

How Gratitude Can Boost Sales Productivity

Guest: Joe Vignolo, Senior Content Managing Editor at Outreach

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About This Episode

Anxiety. Worry. Procrastination. Hopelessness.

Unfortunately, many salespeople use those decidedly negative words when describing their jobs.

Sales can definitely be a grind. With the pressure of hitting your number and the uncertainty of whether your high-value deals will close, it’s no wonder sales is one of the top 10 careers with high rates of depression.

It’s not just the individual seller who is suffering; when reps are unhappy and stressed, their performance and sales productivity suffer dramatically.

And that’s not good for anybody.

The Sales Engagement Podcast host and Outreach Senior Content Managing Editor, Joe Vignolo, knows a thing or two about dreading his job. For a decade, he was a television news producer dealing with high-stress deadlines, long hours, and a constant barrage of sad stories.

He found the work rewarding, but at the end of the day, he was drained and depressed. His work and home life suffered. With no end to sight, Joe decided to make a drastic career change.

With that change, he discovered how gratitude and happiness can be rocket fuel to one’s job performance and career trajectory.

How Being Unhappy Can Hinder Sales Productivity

First, some statistics: According to Shawn Achor, Harvard professor and author of The Happiness Advantage, “…the single greatest advantage in the modern economy is a happy and engaged workforce.”

In fact, after more than a decade of research, Achor discovered that happiness raises “sales by 37%, productivity by 31%, and accuracy on tasks by 19%.”

Think about it—anxiety and worry are mentally taxing. You literally have less mental bandwidth to focus on selling, and your productivity takes a hit. It’s like running too many programs on your laptop, the whole computer starts to slow down.

Sales Productivity Sales Engagement Joe Vignolo

Furthermore, additional research has shown gratitude and thankfulness can elevate your IQ, enhance creativity, increase resilience, deepen relationships, and make you better at your job.

Plus—no one wants to work with, or buy from, someone who is unhappy. No matter how well they hide it, anxiety, worry, and negativity show through.

Ask yourself if you’d rather buy from someone who sounds stressed or anxious on a call or from a seller who seems genuinely happy and enthusiastic. All things being equal, most buyers would choose the happy rep. 

Gratitude Exercises to Boost Sales Productivity and Engagement

So what are some things you can do to show more gratitude and feel happier?

Joe has tips for people who want to practice gratitude and boost their sales productivity:

  • Meditate
  • Keep a daily gratitude journal
  • Write down 3 positive experiences you’ve had in the last 24 hours
  • Exercise
  • Give a shout out to a coworker
  • Celebrate wins (big and small)
  • Hit a gong, ring a bell, or play a song when deals come in
  • Thank a mentor or someone who has helped you achieve a goal
  • Most important—have fun!

Sales Productivity Sales Engagement Joe Vignolo

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