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What do teams want most in 2021 and 2022? Human connection and employers that support them at home.

This might look like offering hybrid work schedules, providing access to coaching, deliberate culture and community creation, and support for spouses and parents — but what it will mean for certain is vulnerability.

In this episode, I interview the Cofounders and Cohosts of Women in Sales Club about their predictions for work in the next 18 months:

Gabrielle Blackwell, Sales Development Manager, Commercial at Gong

Alexine Mudawar, Major Account Executive at Displayr

Join us as we discuss:

  • The origin story of Women in Sales Club
  • What onboarding and being onboarded remotely was like
  • Personal brand building and community creation
  • What hybrid work could (and should) look like

The origin story of Women in Sales Club

The Women in Sales Club emerged from Alexine and Gabrielle’s mutual desire for a space to discuss their views and experience of all things sales.

Without much of an expectation in the early days, the duo built it up to become a trusted environment for relevant conversions. Not all topics are specific to women, but all women benefit from being a part of all discussions.

What onboarding and being onboarded remotely was like

For Gabrielle, it really started with an effort to increase her online visibility. By tactfully using tools like LinkedIn, she used every opportunity to network remotely. Her job offer from Gong was an organic inbound opportunity that resulted from her consistent efforts to share value upfront, to her audience.

Managing a team remotely is more challenging, notes Gabrielle. At the heart of every remote operation is the ever-present question: how do we communicate? Gabrielle attributes her increased intentionality to having to work remotely.

There is a lot more leading by example taking place in Gabrielle’s day to day routine now, opening conversation during online interactions with team members.

On the other hand, Alexine’s dive-right-in personality helped her build momentum early and learn by doing. She discovered her teammates’ personalities through the way they interacted in writing and one-on-one conversations.

Alexine’s advice for remote onboarding is to understand, early on, the methods of communication preferred by each person. 


Personal brand building and community creation

Community creation

This is tricky in a remote situation, where people are sprinkled across different time zones, as Alexine says. One way she addressed this was to implement a community call session over Zoom, where people from different departments would jump onto a call and have a guide available, to ask questions and get to know one another a little better.

Alexine describes the Women in Sales Club atmosphere as warm and welcoming. Every member of the community can equally and fairly participate in the dialogue: no egos; no barriers to progress.

For Gabrielle, what stands out is the authenticity that every member of their community brings, and is encouraged to bring. People show up, ready to be their whole selves, and get the chance to do that.


Personal brand building

You don’t need to spend hours a day on this, but it’s worth considering whether you speak at people or with people (audience vs community). Done right, your personal brand will align with your values.

Trolls, naysayers, and jealous folks are bound to come across you as your brand grows. Be prepared and consider this along the way. Gabrielle shares a few questions that may help:

  • What do people think when they hear your name, whether or not LinkedIn is involved?
  • What feelings are associated with you or evoked by your presence and the mention of you?


What hybrid work could (and should) look like

Wherever people execute their work from, they’re looking for entities with empathy; shared value systems that aren’t just verbally noted but actually lived out in the way people interact with each other.

Alexine is keen to trial the famous four-day work week, and believes that a mix of days in and out of the office will ultimately work best to serve both businesses and people.

Human connection happens spontaneously across multiple pathways, and can’t permanently be restricted. We’re naturally social creatures and we will look for opportunities to meet our social needs, one way or another.


Alexine and Gabrielle’s Key Takeaways

  1. Community vs audience: know which one you want and constantly assess whether it’s what you’re building. Community means two-way engagement. Always.
  2. There’s no substitute for genuine human connection: wherever people execute their work from, they want to feel connected with each other and with an entity that shares their values.
  3. A strong personal brand presents clear values: people will associate the things you value with the mention of your name if you’re building your personal brand correctly.

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