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Ignore the Haters, Get What You Want, and Enjoy Life

Guest: Brandon Bornancin, CEO at Seamless.ai

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About This Episode

Every single entrepreneur on the planet – past, present, & future, – have one thing in common: They have big, lofty, crazy goals.

They have a vision for their company. A vision for what they want to do, the product they want to bring to market, and how they think that product could make the world a better place.

But how do you get there? How do you move from “I have this absolutely crazy idea,” to “this idea is coming to fruition and becoming a reality?”

Brandon Bornancin, CEO at Seamless.Ai, was a guest on The Sales Engagement podcast recently and had some advice for what it takes to reach your goals, why you should cut negative people out of your life, and how small micro-habits can help you get where you want to be.

Tomorrow I Could Die

Brandon encountered some pretty intense trauma early on in his life that was the catalyst for his “give it all, all the time” attitude. He lost his mother to early onset Alzheimers when he was just 22 years old.

It was that tragedy that woke him up.

It was that tragedy that caused him to look at life through a new lens. One where life wasn’t guaranteed. One where nobody was promised tomorrow. So what did he start doing? Cutting out the negative people in his life, and ignoring the haters. He learned to stop caring what other people thought.

He realized that life was too short and too fragile to waste it caring what other people thought. He had goals, and he wasn’t going to let people not liking him or not agreeing with him get in the way of him accomplishing those goals, changing his life, and in the process, changing the lives of everybody who used his product.

Creating Micro-Habits

So let’s say you’re on board. You have a goal, and you’re committed to getting there. Maybe it’s writing a book, or growing your revenue, or running a marathon. Whatever the goal is, personal or professional, Brandon is a firm believer in what he calls micro-habits.

Brandon wanted to write a book but had no idea how. So he bought a book about how to write books. The book said to commit to a daily rhythm, and write a page a day.

But he decided that a page a day wasn’t good enough. He was going to write five pages a day. So he decided to develop the micro-habits needed to write five pages a day. He woke up early every day and wrote. And sure enough, within a month, he had written a book.

Maybe your goal isn’t quite as lofty as writing a book. But whatever it is, identify those small micro-habits that you can implement to help you get there. Get up early. Get to the gym. Make the calls. Send the emails. Whatever it takes, make it a habit.

Harness the Power of LinkedIn

Brandon and the team at Seamless.AI have gone all in on LinkedIn. So much so that they aren’t even active on any other networks. Why? Because the people that they want to reach live on LinkedIn, not Facebook or Twitter or Instagram.

With a goal of wanting to grow his LinkedIn following to a million people, he knew that he was going to have to go all in. So he made some commitments. First, he committed to posting valuable content that helps sales professionals, every single day. In fact, he made it a goal and committed to posting ten custom pieces of content every day.

Second, he and his team are researching thousands of leads every day. They’re filling the funnel with those leads that they need to grow their business. They’re sending the emails, making the calls, and extending the invites. And third, he’s personally adding 100 people a day to his network.  By identifying the top leaders in the major markets, he’s building a connection of people far better than any list of leads would ever be able to generate.

All through a social networking app. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. Brandon has some very lofty, very specific goals, and is committed to reaching them, whatever it takes. The “tomorrow I could die” mentality is one that is driving him to throw his entire self into his work, and in turn, change the lives of everybody that uses his product.

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