Episode Twelve

Using Visual Communication to Create a Spike In Your Pipeline and Increase Employee Engagement

Guest: Peter Chun, VP of Sales at Lucidchart

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Peter Chun

About This Episode

Be seen to be seen.

Whether it’s video conferencing or good old-fashioned face time, creating a human connection with your prospects is one effective way to see your pipeline grow in no time.

And with so many new visual tech companies popping up, there are more ways than ever to engage at that personal level.

On today’s episode of The Sales Engagement Podcast, we chatted to Peter Chun, VP of Sales at Lucidchart, about how he’s using visual communications to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of both his sales and employee engagement.

Here are the highlights of what Peter had to say.

Communicate Faster, Clearer, and More Efficiently Through Visual Touches

If you look around any elementary school classroom, you’ll see bright colors and lots of posters and visual learning tools more than any other. That’s because the majority of us are visual learners.

We engage better through visual mediums.

So why have we resorted to mostly phone and email communications in our prospecting?

Part of it has to do with our formal education.

Higher education is dominated by written format and email has just become part of our habit, but most studies estimate that at least 65% of adults are visual learners so we need to start bringing visual touches and tech back into our prospecting.

Peter Chun: Using Visual Communication to Create a Spike In Your Pipeline and Increase Employee Engagement

At Lucidchart, their reps are using video conferencing because it allows them to bring a human element back into a process that has been automated to death.

It’s providing a platform for human interaction and an exchange of facial expressions to create engagement.

We have to come up with new ways to cut through the noise and, even more than video conferencing, getting real face time with prospects is one the best ways you can do that.

Peter Chun: Using Visual Communication to Create a Spike In Your Pipeline and Increase Employee Engagement

The Impact and Effectiveness of Employee Engagement

There’s one significant aspect of employee engagement that has a direct influence on sales effectiveness: are you creating a culture and environment that allows your employees to be creative and informed?

Have you considered asking, “How can we make the work more fulfilling for our sellers?”

Listen to your selling team–what do they enjoy doing? Video conferencing? Social selling?

If they enjoy what they’re doing, it’s often more effective.

And, if done correctly, the high performing reps start excel when they employ strategy and thinking of how to best use visual tech on an account by account basis.

Creativity equals fun, pride, and ownership.

On the other side of creativity is a need for clear, internal communication protocols.

It’s not just providing data to your reps, but it’s giving them the knowledge and the tools to interpret and leverage that data. It’s showing them how they can use it to change their workflow and execution.

It used to be that data was locked away by leadership and stuck in boardrooms, but more and more it’s starting to be seen on scoreboards. And it needs to be seen for reps to work efficiently.

Reps who have the data they need, with the freedom and knowledge to work within it, in a way that best suits their creative style is the key to creating a hungry and motivated workforce.

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