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When your job causes you to despair, you recognize that you have no choice but to find a new and creative solution working for yourself. Entrepreneurship sparks parts of your creativity and work ethic that you probably didn’t know you had.

In this episode, I interview Jarron Vosburg, Vice President of Sales at JumpCrew, about how he seized his own destiny and sought a role where he could control his influence.

Jarron talked with me about:

  • Leading with humility
  • Combining what he loved into a new business
  • Taking six weeks to close his first deal at JumpCrew
  • Why you’ve got to just shoot your shot


Leading with humility

Imagine your boss gushes over you one minute then calls you total trash the next. 

The longer you stay in the role, the higher the emotional toll you pay for the rest of your life. But a job’s a job, right, and feeling good isn’t enough to pay the bills…

It’s a story that almost all of us tell ourselves during our first venture out into the working world. 

Jarron’s first-hand experience, working for a Miranda-Priestly-like figure in the talent management world, broke him down but also gave him the opportunity to rebuild himself. Today, he brings that experience to bear in his leadership style:

  • Recognize the link between effort and reward
  • Approach every situation with the humility that his former boss didn’t show
  • Bonus: Master the perfect error-free email (but doesn’t take it out on those who haven’t yet)


Combine what you love with what you can get paid for

It always seems glamorous when you see this happening on TV.

For Jarron, it was a day as stressful as any other, sitting at his desk when he thought about what he wanted and what he enjoyed:

  • He enjoyed exercising, especially CrossFit.
  • Jarron enjoyed electronic music.
  • He really didn’t want to be chained to a desk anymore.

Paying a gym membership, as well as physically getting there every day to make use of it, takes a lot of effort. This was long before the pandemic was even a blip on the radar.

Having no technical expertise, Jarron partnered with his former college roommate to tackle the process of creating a platform that fit all three of his requirements. They quickly realized that building from scratch is like chasing the horizon: once you get to that point, there’s another horizon point that beckons.

Later on in Jarron’s career, his experience at a funeral tech company introduced him to the possibility of ownership and employment successfully overlapping.


Six weeks to his first JumpCrew sale

Jarron was told that the average salesperson at JumpCrew took two to three weeks to make their first sale.

Jarron took six.

It would have been easy to throw the towel in. A conversation with his boss just two days before that first sale closed was what made the difference. If you believe in the process you’re following, stick it out and the results will come.

When that first breakthrough arrives, you realize that you have what it takes. It becomes easier to build momentum from there and, like Jarron, you could soon find yourself at the top of the leaderboard.


Jarron’s Key Takeaways

  1. Everything starts with activity: it’s impossible to confirm if you’re good or bad at something without actually doing it.
  2. You are never 100% correct: humility is everything. Take the time to understand how you can improve things.
  3. You’ve got to shoot your shot: taking risks is the only way to grow.

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