Episode Fifty-Six

Prospecting, Productivity, and Pipeline: OutBound Conference 2019

Guest: Mark Hunter, The Sales Hunter and cofounder of OutBound

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About This Episode

“That’s how over-the-top OutBound is. It’s an amazing event because it’s all about outbound prospecting, 100% outbound prospecting,” says Mark Hunter, co-founder of the conference, nationally in-demand sales speaker, and the best-selling author of High-Profit Selling: Win the Sale Without Compromising on Price and High-Profit Prospecting.

What’s Happening at OutBound 2019

For the third year in a row, the OutBound Conference (Atlanta, April 23-26, 2019), promises to rock the world of salespeople with the themes of Prospecting, Productivity, and Pipeline.

This year’s speakers include: Jeb Blount, Anthony Iannarino, Mark Hunter, Mike Weinberg, Colleen Francis, Andrea Waltz, Victor Antonio, Jeffrey Gitomer, Bob Burg, Waldo Waldman, Shari Levitin, Jen Gluckow, Larry Levine, James Muir, Max Altschuler, Chris Beall, Bernadette McClellan, Meredith Elliott Powell, Lee Salz, and Gene McNaughton.

Mark Hunter Outbound Conference 2019 Cirque Du Soleil

“I’m really encouraging people to buy the whole package with the 26th as well,” says Hunter. “That’s what we call the Elite Day, and we’re going to have over 20 breakout sessions. Max Altschuler from Outreach is going to do one of the breakout sessions and that’s an opportunity to get really up close.”

One of the speakers is Jeffrey Gitomer, author of Little Red Book of Selling: 12.5 Principles of Sales Greatness. “I think that is the first book a lot of salespeople read,” says Hunter.

The conference will include:

  • Onstage dissecting of outbound phone calls
  • OutBound email tips
  • Voicemails that get call-backs
  • How to set up an OutBound cadence
  • Ways to structure yourself
  • How to get in the right mindset
  • Sales myths that are crippling you

“We knew we had something after the first year when two people came up to us crying because of the impact we had made on their lives,” says Hunter. “Before, they were despondent, ready to throw in the towel on sales. They came to the first OutBound conference and said we had given them the keys [to success].”

Every attendee gets a notebook that you can fill with personalized tools, insights, and action plans.

“A lot of companies are bringing their entire sales team,” says Hunter. “The evening is a debriefing dinner to go over the day. That is cool.”

The insights people gained stuck because second-year attendees came back with many success stories.

“We’ve got so many people that are coming back from all over the world,” says Hunter. “It’s huge. It is over the top.”

How & Why to LOVE Prospecting

“You can’t be at the top of the food chain for very long without loving prospecting,” says Hunter.

You should be passionate about prospecting because prospecting is not a job. It’s not an activity. It’s not a profession. It is a lifestyle. It is about helping people see and achieve what they didn’t think was possible.

Outbound Conference 2019 Mark Hunter The Sales Hunter

Hunter is a big fan of the Outreach platform. It enables you to see and achieve what you didn’t think was possible. It increases productivity, customer face time, and making the right call at the right time with the right piece of information. “That’s what the Outreach platform is all about.”

Prospecting = Hustle + Desire

Sales Engagement podcast host Mark Kosoglow thinks prospecting is a lot like playing defense in basketball.

“My 16-year old daughter is a great basketball player. She plays it a 10 on offense. I want her to play 11 on defense. You know why? Because defense doesn’t require skill. All it requires is hustle and desire. And that’s like prospecting,” says Kosoglow. “You don’t have to be skillful at prospecting, but you’ve got to have hustle and desire.”

Hunter finds prospecting inspiration in a more mundane place – the shower. “If you look at your bottle of shampoo, there are two keywords on there,” says Hunter. “Rinse and repeat. That’s what prospecting is all about. It’s just ‘rinse and repeat’ and don’t get hung up on what happened on the previous call.”

Rinse Repeat Outbound Sales Conference Mark Hunter

To get tools, insights, and action plans around the topics of prospecting, productivity, and pipeline, check out OutBound 2019 conference.

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