Episode TwoHundredFiftySeven

3 Resolutions Sellers Need to Keep in 2021

Guest: Rian Lanigan, Managing Director at Sandler Training

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About This Episode

We’re about to the point in 2021 that new year resolutions start to wane. It’s the human way: We get excited about a goal, we go about four weeks, we don’t see immediate results, and our motivation fizzles.

A tale as old as time.

Fortunately, as sellers and sales leadership, we know good things come to those who wait… and those who post obsessively to LinkedIn. You’ve got to trust the process.

In this episode of The Sales Engagement Podcast, we’re exploring three resolutions that sellers need to keep for longer than a few weeks (it’s worth it, we promise!).

Rian Lanigan, Managing Director at Sandler Training, shares his expert insights on building out your pipeline, trusting the process, and what all sellers should be trying this year.

Let’s jump in!

Resolution #1: Establish Your Cookbook

There are a gazillion sales methodologies out there, all begging you to buy in. Some are valid and some are better off left in 2020.

Rian’s advice to you is to determine your own methodology. His personal methodology is something he likes to call a Cookbook. Basically, it’s a breakdown of daily, weekly, and monthly “must-do’s.”

He even shared his bare-minimum daily cookbook with us. It’s a list of the inbound and outbound activities he’s committed himself to do every day. 

Rian’s (Bare-Minimum) Daily Cookbook

  1. Make a minimum of 10 calls.
  2. Send a minimum of 50 emails.
  3. Post on LinkedIn.
  4. Be a guest on one podcast or webinar (this one is weekly).

The great thing about following a cookbook methodology is that it’s personal to you. Maybe direct messages in LinkedIn have been working for you, so you include it as a must-do. Or maybe you think you could make 15 calls in a day.

Bonus: Once you start executing on outbound tactics, you’ll soon find where your weaknesses lie. Rian suggests seeking advice from a respected sales influencer or from your organization’s top sales performer (more on that later).

Rian points out that you have to follow your cookbook for longer than the month of January to see any results. He discloses that after about five months of following his cookbook, he’s just now seeing things starting to ramp up.

Remember: Trust in the process and the results will come.

Resolution #2: Determine Your Ideal Buyer’s Priorities

Our second sales resolution is to determine your ideal buyer’s top three priorities for 2021. Then, throughout the year, inject them into any interactions with your prospects. Let them inform your messaging.

To uncover those priorities, search for industry reports done by organizations like Gartner. There has to be at least one that you can glean insights from. Look for marketing initiatives, sales numbers, retention rates — anything that your ideal buyer is working on this year and you could offer value on.

Also keep in mind that new studies are coming out all the time. It could do your outreach strategy some good to look for new reports every quarter or so.

Resolution #3: Leverage Internal Assets

A rising tide lifts all boats. There’s no reason for you not to ask team members for advice and insights.

Really, we already do this but with external sources. It’s not against the law to ask John Barrows for advice, but why not ask those closest to your organization too?

How does the top sales performer begin her cold calls? What copy does the CMO suggest to put in your emails? How does your coworker get interviewed on so many podcasts?

Leverage the knowledge and experience of your organization this year. You’re bound to get some solid wisdom.

Rian’s Takeaways

Just because we’re a little bit past the start of the new year doesn’t mean you can’t make a few resolutions. In 2021, Rian urges sellers to… 

  • Create your own cookbook with daily, weekly, and monthly must-do’s.
  • Find out what your ideal buyer’s top three priorities are and let them inform your interactions and messaging.
  • Leverage the internal assets within your organization.

Last but not least, trust in the process. This stuff takes time, so don’t give up if you don’t see immediate results.

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