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Episode 324: The Comprehensive Encyclopedia of Sales Plays

What is the ONE playbook that will help my team drive predictable & repeatable pipeline, once and for all? Aiming to answer that question, Becc Holland & Scott Barker deliver an answer on the one overarching playbook that can create predictable & repeatable pipeline for Sales teams of ALL sizes, SDR teams at ALL stages, and ALL based on data!

Episode 323: Hunting Whales? How to Multi-Thread into Enterprise Deals

Join us as we hear from Jamal Reimer, Owner at Outseller Consulting, and Andrew Mewborn, Sr. Account Executive at Outreach. When your goal is multi-threading into enterprise accounts, keep these big-picture items in mind: discovering stakeholder priorities, tailoring demo conversations, reading and analyzing reports and calls, and avoiding common multi-threading mistakes.

Episode 321: 7 Steps to a Great Cold Call

Join us as we discuss with Becc Holland, CEO & Founder at Flip the Script: why you should get monomaniacal about timing, what three metrics to use to know your buyer, and how pattern interrupts can help you build human connection.

Episode 310: A Guide To Using Data in the Boardroom

We speak with Sameer Rahman, Director of Insight at The Royal Mint. He’s here to talk us through data’s importance and where it’s headed next. We talk all about the modernization of data over time, what data in the boardroom looks like & its impact on future success, and the best tools to leverage data.

Episode 309: The Great Resignation: Retaining Your Top Talent

On the Sales Engagement podcast, we sat down with Jerice O’Malley, Head of Business Development & Sales at Amplify Consulting Partners Inc, to talk all about the Great Resignation and how she’s seen it impact the consulting world, advice for managers who are looking to retain their top talent, why people follow leaders from company to company, and why people are staying at jobs for less and less time these days.

About The Podcast

The Sales Engagement podcast is the #1 podcast focused on engaging your customers and prospects in the modern sales era. This show features real-life stories and best practices from revenue leaders doing the job day in and day out, in a casual, radio-like talk show.

Each episode features modern tactics, strategies, hacks, and tips to get the most out of your sales engagement strategy and help you navigate the next generation of sales. You’ll find energetic talks that will provide you with real actionable value around building meaningful connections and creating a better selling experience through authentic conversations that you can measure.

The Sales Engagement podcast is here to help B2B sales leaders, customer success leaders, and marketing leaders innovate and usher in the next era of modern sales by building pipeline, up-selling customers, and ultimately generating more revenue with more efficiency.

Hosted by Joe Vignolo, Senior Content Managing Editor at Outreach, and Mark Kosoglow, Vice President of Sales at Outreach.

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