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Episode 194: 5 Actions to Take During the Great Pause

A pause can be a time for reflection about your true motivation. It’s also often followed by positive changes. Let’s call this time “the Great Pause” rather than a new normal while we explore some existential questions about work and life.

Episode 193: How to Adapt to the New Abnormal

Once upon a time on the savannah, humans reacted to every shadow — in case it was a saber-toothed tiger. Well, there are hardly any saber toothed tigers on our Zoom calls, but we’re still operating on that archaic fight-or-flight response.

Episode 187: From Grit to Scale

Your first goal should be no surprises. After that, you’ll learn to pivot from grit to scale. And along the way, you need to lead for the next generation.

Episode 177: Overcoming Fear in Entrepreneurship

Scott and his cofounder asked this: “What problems have we experienced firsthand that we are uniquely positioned to solve? It was really using the CRM effectively. The data was never right. People hated it. Yet this is the thing that we run our businesses on.”

About The Podcast

The Sales Engagement podcast is the #1 podcast focused on engaging your customers and prospects in the modern sales era. This show features real-life stories and best practices from revenue leaders doing the job day in and day out, in a casual, radio-like talk show.

Each episode features modern tactics, strategies, hacks, and tips to get the most out of your sales engagement strategy and help you navigate the next generation of sales. You’ll find energetic talks that will provide you with real actionable value around building meaningful connections and creating a better selling experience through authentic conversations that you can measure.

The Sales Engagement podcast is here to help B2B sales leaders, customer success leaders, and marketing leaders innovate and usher in the next era of modern sales by building pipeline, up-selling customers, and ultimately generating more revenue with more efficiency.

Hosted by Joe Vignolo, Senior Content Managing Editor at Outreach, and Mark Kosoglow, Vice President of Sales at Outreach.

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