Episode Sixty-Five

How to Read the New Sales Engagement Book

Guest: Mark Kosoglow, co-author of Sales Engagement and VP of Sales at Outreach

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About This Episode

We have a big announcement to make!

We are so pumped to finally release the Sales Engagement book.

To celebrate, Mark Kosoglow, VP of Sales at Outreach, co-hosted today’s podcast episode to tell us all about the new book.

Mark has been at Outreach since the very beginning. He joined the team because he saw an opportunity to change the way sales is done. He is passionate about helping salespeople be more successful in this important profession.

Mark Kosoglow Sales Engagement Book 1

Sales Engagement came along as a response to salespeople wanting to focus on building a larger pipeline. They wanted to know what action they could take and what technology could help them take those actions in a more disciplined way. And that right there is Mark’s passion–helping to bridge this gap.

Mark considers himself a sales philosopher. And we love that! Because like most philosophers, he desired to put his learnings into a book. But he didn’t do it on his own. One of his colleagues had the idea of getting the best minds in Sales Engagement together to create a cloud of ideas that they could put into a book.

We Think Is Better Than Me Think

It comes down to: We think is better than Me think.

So much wisdom and real-world experience has been poured into this book, and we want to make sure you get the most out of it. Mark says this isn’t necessarily a book that will sit on your desk as a reference. Instead, he’s got very specific steps he recommends that will help you get the most out it:

  1. Read the book completely through once.
  2. Read it again, this time stop reading as soon as you find something interesting.
  3. Highlight that and figure out how to make that one interesting thing actionable.
  4. Try it out in real life.
  5. It if works, make it a new part of how you work.
  6. Pick the book back up again and continue reading until you find another interesting thing.
  7. Repeat steps 3-6.

That’s how you’ll get all the meat out of the book. What typically happens when we read books is that because there’s so much meat in there, we don’t know where to start. So it doesn’t really change the way we do things. It simply fills our head with a bunch of ideas. We might pick up a couple tips and tricks but nothing that really changes the game for us.

Not this book. This book can change your game if you read it the right way. Get ready, you’re going to learn stuff.

Who Is This Book For?

There are three levels of people in sales:

  1. The Rep
  2. The Manager
  3. The Executive

He believes every level will benefit from reading this book because people from each level helped write the book. If you want to be a great sales rep, you need to understand how your sales manager thinks. Similarly, if you want to be a great sales leader, you need to know what your sales reps are doing. We can’t afford to lose any of these perspectives.

Mark Kosoglow Sales Engagement 2

Sometimes people want help with something because they can’t get their brain around the idea. It’s too big of a concept. That’s why the portion of the book that Mark wrote teaches sales leaders how to break up big ideas into its smaller components. When you do that, you realize you only have to make a few small decisions in order to make that big dream happen.

Prioritize and Conquer

For most of us, our brains are only capable of doing one small thing at a time, and this book helps you do that.

For example, one of the topics Mark writes about is prospecting with an SDR team and the waterfall things you have to think about. Like if you’re going to start a multi-touch sequence, you have to take a step back and understand the foundations.

What is your message? What’s your tempo? You also have to make sure you know how to document all of this in a way that a sales rep can digest. It’s about doing your pre-work before sending someone into a sequence.

This book is all about connecting the dots within your team. It’s more about the operational things you can put in place, decisions you can make for your reps so that they can concentrate more on their conversations. We are so excited to see how this book elevates the sales profession.

Grab your copy here!

The New Rules of Sales Engagement: Close More Deals With Technology

To connect with Mark, you can find him on LinkedIn by clicking here

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