Episode Eleven

How This Former Kindergarten Teacher Is Teaching Sellers To Stand Out

Guest: Josh Braun, Founder at Sales DNA

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Josh Braun: How This Former Kindergarten Teacher Is Teaching Sellers To Stand Out

About This Episode

Stand out.

Be seen.

Get noticed.

Chances are, you are competing for your prospect’s attention on a regular basis so standing out, being seen, and getting noticed have to take priority if you really want to connect and engage.

How do you do it? How do you get someone’s attention in a meaningful way?

Our guest today on The Sales Engagement Podcast was Josh Braun, Founder of Sales DNA. Josh started out as a kindergarten teacher and has taken his love and passion for teaching to the B2B world.

We talk about how to create meaningful engagement that sets you apart and Josh shares some incredible stories of this process at work.

Here are the highlights of our chat.

Find Their Problems, Don’t Ask What Their Problems Are

Josh talked about being meaningfully different and how it creates engagement.

It’s less to do with your product and marketing and everything to do with how you approach your prospects.

His process is to find what problems your prospect has and then tell them how you have the best solution to their specific problem.

Josh Braun: How This Former Kindergarten Teacher Is Teaching Sellers To Stand Out

You’re asking what’s meaningfully different to them, asking “What’s the job they’re doing now, how can we help them do it better?”

For example, here at Outreach.io, it’s less about selling how you a prospect can send more emails or the tech behind it–it has everything to do with making that prospect happy by booking more meetings, without having to hire more heads.

The problem: your prospect wants to book more meetings, quicker and easier.

Josh suggests that you take the time to list all the different types of problems you can solve for a prospect and then framing those problems as questions that make them say “Oh, what do you mean?” or “I hadn’t thought of that.”

How To Get 50% Of Your Prospect’s Mindshare

Ask these thought-provoking, prodding questions at the top of your funnel and you’ll create immediate engagement and cut through the white noise of your competition.

If you’re sending the same email templates and asking the same “What can I do for you?” questions as everyone else, you’ll be lumped in with everyone else and have to fight for your fraction of your prospect’s mindshare.

But when you break the pattern, asking questions that address their specific problems, you’re suddenly separated from everyone else, getting 50% of their mindshare.

Josh Braun: How This Former Kindergarten Teacher Is Teaching Sellers To Stand Out

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