Episode OneHundredFourteen

The Tipping Point: How to Grow Your Company Efficiently

Guest: Ivan Gomez, Global Sales Development Executive at Tenable

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About This Episode

It’s the dream of every start up. 

No matter how small you start, every small business wants to grow. To get bigger. Maybe you started with 2 employees and dream of having thousands. Or maybe you’ve already got thousands but dream of having tens of thousands. 

Every successful company reaches that tipping point.

Where the old systems and processes just don’t work anymore. They’re not sufficient for the size and scale of the company. 

Ivan Gomez, Global Sales Development Executive at Tenable, was a guest on the Sales Engagement Podcast and discussed the tipping point. What do you do when you hit that tipping point? How do you revamp your talent pool? What other changes need to be made? 

Revitalize Your Talent Pool

As a start up, your hiring process probably looks like most other startups. 

You’re going for those hungry, fresh out of college, eager hires. The ones that are looking to prove themselves, may not have a ton of experience, but are looking to get in on the ground floor of something exciting. 

But as you grow and scale, you’re going to start looking for a different type of work force. Not that you’re shutting out the fresh-out-of-college kids, but you’re looking for folks with perhaps a bit more experience and expertise. 

One way to help that? 

A robust college recruiting team and a strong referral program. With the cost of hiring, offering a small incentive for referrals is a great way to help staff your business appropriately. 

Align Sales / Marketing

We know. 

Everybody is beating the alignment drum to death. “Make sure your sales and marketing teams are aligned.” But just because it’s being beat to death doesn’t mean it’s any less important. 

Every meeting, without exception, should have a defined agenda clearly laying out who is responsible for what.

Also crucial is a definition of what success looks like. So that when folks go to launch a new campaign, they already know what “done” or “hitting it out of the park” looks like. 

Enable Your New Talent

How do you enable your talent? How do you ensure that all the folks on the floor have all the things they need to be successful?

It’s all about micro-learning moments.

Small moments through the day that add up to make a huge difference. 

It can take many different forms. From laps around the floor, to whiteboarding ideas on the fly, little things can make a huge difference when it comes to team enablement. 

Career Progression

Once you’ve made it this far, the question is all about how to retain talent. 

Because successful SDRs are likely getting calls and offers from other companies. So how do you make sure that they stick around? 

It’s all about creating a unique culture. Your company has a culture, but the team you’re on also has a unique culture. 

Maybe it’s as simple as taking the time out of your day to recognize an employee that’s performing well. Maybe it’s a gift card or a lunch as a reward.

It can be anything, but setting up a culture of reward and recognition is just one way to create a company culture that allows for career progression. 

The tipping point is inevitable for any company looking to scale and grow. Take a listen to the full episode to hear more tips and tricks. 

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