Episode Thirty-Three

Got Video? If Not, You’re Missing out on Massive Sales Engagement

Guest: Steve Pacinelli, Chief Marketing Officer at BombBomb

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Steve Pacinelli Video Engagement Sales

About This Episode

Do you ever think, “If only I could get in front of more people, I’d be able to close more business?” Those thoughts hound every salesperson in every industry. Video provides the way to get your shot.

On this episode of The Sales Engagement podcast, Stephen Pacinelli from BombBomb joins us. BombBomb is an entire company dedicated to helping sales professionals send personalized video messages to prospects. Stephen’s the CMO, but he says he’s just a salesperson masquerading as a marketer.

LIsten in to discover Stephen’s top secrets to creating personalized videos that get opened, get watched, and get results.

Why Videos Work (And Why Every Salesperson Should Be Using Them)

Steve Pacinelli Video Engagement Sales

Everyone’s struggling to get that first touch through email.

Here’s the issue: By itself, text is logical, but buying is about relationships, which are based on the emotional. Especially in the beginning, you don’t need to just provide information, you need to connect.

People build relationships with what they see. (Check out this NYT article if you doubt it!) Without a face, people respond anywhere from indifference to inhuman. On video, they see a real person, with a face, and they are responding to a human, not rejecting ink.

That’s why It’s difficult to get email responses (when they don’t include video). Every person wants inbox 0. So, when they go to their inbox, they are scanning for the important ones, categorizing everything else.

Anything that’s personal to them, has a much higher chance of being responded to. Add in video, and it’s a game changer.

Specifically, Stephen says to use video at any point of the sales funnel that is dependent on emotion: “Video can be inserted anywhere that emotion is involved, or rapport or trust needs to be built or maintained.”

If you’re wondering how to do it, check out Stephen’s 7 tips:

7 Tips For Videos That Will Change Your Sales Engagement Game

1. Keep the Mistakes

Sales videos work because they’re real, not because they’re polished. “The shinier something is, the less authentic it feels, because it comes from the mind, not from the heart,” said Stephen.

Steve Pacinelli Video Engagement Sales

Fumble your words? That’s the good stuff.

2. Static thumbnail? Try this!

If you’re embedding a static thumbnail (maybe you’re taking a video, uploading to YouTube then taking a screencap), here’s an idea: Use a whiteboard. Write their name on the board: “Hey Jo!” “Question for you Taylor!” and then use that as your screen grab.

3. Dynamic Thumbnail

Of course, dynamic is better than static. BombBomb and other video services have dynamic thumbnails that play animated previews. This is where people get really creative. They’ll dance, jump out from behind a chair, etc.

4. Curiosity

You can say something in the body of your email like, “These 3 things will. …” Then explain two of them, and leave the reader with: “For the third, check out the video.”

5. Be Personal

Sales is a transfer of emotion. So be personable. In the background of your video, you could have pictures of your kids’ drawings, favorite quotes, etc. In the video, if you notice they’re Jets fans, mention football.

6. Motion

The beauty of tech is this: You aren’t tied to your desk. BombBomb saw a huge increase in open rate when the recipient sees you are recording from somewhere other than your office. Move around, video on the go. (Or the escalator, as Stephen has done!)

7. Mix It up

You don’t have to use video every time. Videos access emotion, while text utilizes logic. If your prospect is at an informational point of the experience, an email may actually be better.

Let’s Wrap It Up

Stephen finished with how we started:

If you were in front of more people would you do more business?

Almost every person would give an emphatic “yes.”

If time and distance won’t allow you to be in front of them physically, get in front of them visually. Video is the next best thing.

Check it out — You’ll be shocked at the level of sales engagement.

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